..if only (The Wave of Wish)

..."I don't wanna lose you. I wish you to come back." .."I wish I could go back and change it." ..."If only the time had stopped," .."if only I didn't say that." All I see is me standing in an ocean, floating with its waves, waves with a very familiar feeling. It's nothing out there … Continue reading ..if only (The Wave of Wish)


Eyes (Dark to Light)

Did you have a terrible day? Do you feel like you're sinking into abyss? How bad could life possibly be? Do you think you have moved on from something that happened to you long back yet it still haunts you? Have you lost yourself? Are you not able to figure out the difference between coping … Continue reading Eyes (Dark to Light)


Do you think you can measure happiness? All that you've got, all that you could be, can you measure that? Can you determine a standard to which you could compare your pain, sorrows, joy and even Love. In a hunt for absolution, can you actually wait and do nothing but just observe? Is beauty materialistic? … Continue reading Imperfections

Truth (0-1)

We act 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour desperately trying to be true to ourselves, trying to justify actions committed to us or committed by us. This urge, perhaps the most powerful hunger, of finding satisfaction often makes us blind to everything. Think hard, do you say you don't … Continue reading Truth (0-1)

Time Travel (Alternate Reality)

Smile, all that you can do to assure someone that it's okay. Smile, something you could do to hide everything that you've ever been through. It is good to keep your pain to yourself but when you start living it, letting it destroy yourself completely from the inside, smile isn't enough to get through it.  … Continue reading Time Travel (Alternate Reality)

Alone but never lonely…

Alone but never lonely Look outside, look at everything around you. Feel the desires of everyone. These desires which are burning human flesh, poisoning skies, corrupting their souls but you gotta stand above it. Rise from their ashes. Shine bright under the growing old sun, nurture yourself with those poisonous skies, feed from the blood … Continue reading Alone but never lonely…