Eyes (Dark to Light)

Did you have a terrible day? Do you feel like you’re sinking into abyss? How bad could life possibly be? Do you think you have moved on from something that happened to you long back yet it still haunts you?

Have you lost yourself? Are you not able to figure out the difference between coping up with things and moving on from it?

Every day we get up, follow our routine and then fall back again to nightmares. We keep checking cell phones for a text alert or perhaps a missed call alert. Let’s even say we got a thousand friends and a thousand message alerts on social networking sites and you reply to none but you have a smile on your face because you think you’re valuable. After​ all that can you still be at peace and sleep without nightmares.

We are blind with open working eyes. And you’re circumstances are NOT responsible for it, it’s You. 

Close your eyes, it’s all dark. So comforting and welcoming. Perhaps the easiest way to forget the pain because you can create a complete different imaginary world within seconds and escape in moments from the reality. You make yourself vulnerable to light. You get so comfortable with this darkness that you keep your eyes closed to everything and the the whole world turns around your pain and suffering which turned you blind. 

You say you have moved on but you still write about it and you show the world that you’re vulnerable and next thing you know, you are already surrounded by predators. 

Open your eyes, to truth, to colors. After keeping your eyes closed for so long, it’s gonna pinch your eyes, might hurt a little but eventually you’ll have a bright blue sky, warm and cool ocean, green land even dust waiting for you to make you realize that you’re valuable. There will be some real people who will be waiting to talk to you, some people who are worth living for.

You say you’ve moved on but when you close your eyes and go back to the dark you still are scared of it, that is called coping up. Moving on is coming back from​the dark with a smile. It is remembering the good memories of the person you lost. It is the smile you had when you have that thing. It is learning from it and becoming a better person.

But for all that you gotta open your eyes. No matter how comforting dark is, how welcoming it becomes and how easy it feels to live in, it always consumes you like a slow poison. So open your eyes, don’t be blind. Step out from dark to light. Move on, Don’t cope up.

————————- the end—————————–

-Ayush Mishra




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