Do you think you can measure happiness? All that you’ve got, all that you could be, can you measure that? Can you determine a standard to which you could compare your pain, sorrows, joy and even Love. In a hunt for absolution, can you actually wait and do nothing but just observe?

Is beauty materialistic? Is true happiness defined by the level of satisfaction? Is it really hard to be happy? 

The world is filled with billions of people. The ones living are busy chasing absolution. The ones dying are busy regretting. 

Stop everything for a moment, drop everything you are doing. Breathe for a second and just take a look around. Look at everything, the great monstrous infrastructures, the love of nature, the birds, the animals. Feel the vibe, hear the sound of the Silence.

When you’ll do it you wouldn’t even recognize but you’ll have a smile on your face. That’s what happiness is. See through your eyes, breathe and smell through your nose, feel through your skin, the life which you have already built for yourself. Make your life from your imperfections. Stop hiding or fighting them. Your mistakes will shape you better. 

A straight line is perfect, but it’s also dead. Curves are always better, it gives you a sense of living. Scribble, make new patterns. Free your mind​ from harsh technicality, from chasing absolution, a perfect straight line and cherish your heart with the beauty of imperfections.

To be simple how about a simple cup. Break it and glue it back together. A lot of scars, exactly like life. Amongst all the unbroken cups it’ll get buried down but what if you put melted gold on those scars, a gold plating over it. Too expensive? I say acrylic paints, go crazy. The same broken cup from being buried down will be back right in front being the most beautiful one. Even a broken piano has a melody of its own. All you gotta do is feel the rhythm.

Just like that, stop hiding, burying yourself under the chase of absolution, running to satisfy others, running away from your imperfections and fears. Let them shape you. Don’t be scared. Don’t fight it, let it flow through you. Then design your life, throw colors, gold, silver, Everything that you want and your imperfections will make you the most beautiful element. Your imperfections will bring out the true beauty inside you. All you need to do is just find the right tools. As I always say have faith in who you are because you never know what you could be. 

Your imperfections will define your beauty. Your imperfections will be the key to your real happiness. You can measure it by all the colors you will put over it, not to hide it but to make something extraordinary, something beautiful out of it. Endure and Embrace what you have and you’ll find happiness in the smallest things in life.

————-The End————-

-Ayush Mishra (Kai)



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