Truth (0-1)

We act 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour desperately trying to be true to ourselves, trying to justify actions committed to us or committed by us. This urge, perhaps the most powerful hunger, of finding satisfaction often makes us blind to everything. Think hard, do you say you don’t deserve it? Do you feel good can’t happen to you because you’re buried alive under the weight of guilt?

Can you actually define Truth?

How often do you feel that happiness can no longer touch you? In desperate attempts of justifying every second of our act we forget the reality amd beauty of what’s coming to us.

Remember Alternate Reality from last time, demons being so heavy and over whelming that even if someone somehow touch us, in a world of remorse and sorrow, we get a little touch of warmth as a baby sapling, what do we do? These acts of justification, these demons make us kill it before it even begins to sprout. Why do we forget that even the Infinite number line begins from One (1)?  But even for that we gotta try and begin from zero.

The real question comes is to how to get up from zero and reach one? 

I say, Breathe. Take a deep breath, slowly. Feel the oxygen going in. Feel the heart pump. Close your eyes. Let the moment control you. Isolate yourself from everything around and reach the center of your universe. Breathe and clear your thoughts. Feel your senses grow. Let the purity and peace of the moment overcome your demons.

Now you’re in the center of your universe. Surrender to the super power and let out everything inside you, all the emotions, all the urges which lie above your little sapling. 

Were you good or bad? Were you real or fake? Were you worthy or not? 

Stop. Unwanted Acts. Let go !

Endure, Embrace and be thankful. You might have been broken and pushed down to the bottom but you’re alive. You can breathe and let it all out. That sapling is hope but you need ​to have faith. Remember you’ve found your way to the universe now let it reach you.

You have so many small and beautiful things in your life that all together they can outweigh all the pain and suffering you’ve been through. It might be a little sapling but if you take care of it, embrace it, protect it, it’ll grow into a beautiful tree. Congratulate yourself, thank the universe, let your happiness out because you’ve come to one from zero. One tree will be two, two to four, four to farm but you and you are all who is gonna be responsible for it. Now that you’ve find your reason remember Alone but never lonely. 

Do you deserve it? I say it doesn’t matter, you have it. It’s your way to find peace and happiness. Once and only if you break free then only you’ll know that you deserved it because guilt is powerful too. You Know what’s more powerful, our universe but you have to reach out for it.

We believe in things that happen but remember Strong belief in anything is also responsible for that thing to happen. And at the center of all this should be you controlling your universe not your guilt. Stop acting, start living. Don’t runaway, identify and face yourself. Breathe and let go. If needed travel time. Have faith in who you are because you never know how beautiful and majestic you can be. You’re allowed to mourn for your past but it’s meant for learning and growing up. Embrace it and add it to your present experiences and you’ll be the happiest man alive. 

Truth is just a perspective of thought. Belief is what makes it real and you control your belief and its strength. Remember it’s ALL YOU.! 

————– The end———–

-Ayush Mishra



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