Alone but never lonely…

Alone but never lonely

Look outside, look at everything around you. Feel the desires of everyone. These desires which are burning human flesh, poisoning skies, corrupting their souls but you gotta stand above it. Rise from their ashes. Shine bright under the growing old sun, nurture yourself with those poisonous skies, feed from the blood and bones buried under the ground you were planted in. I won’t say you will grow into a beautiful and majestic piece of art but still you gotta be a lot more than you could ever be. 
Save them. If you get leaves, give them clean air to breathe. If you get flowers, give them love. If you get fruits, feed them. If you get thorns, save them from enemity and if you don’t have anything, give them yourself to burn and bring warmth in their life. But save them. They will come to you, rip you apart piece by piece but you have to endure and serve your purpose and then grow back again and again to do the same till you have your last breath in you.
They will scratch your body, break your soul. If not them then the mountains would wanna crush you, floods would wanna drain you, wind would wanna uproot you and fire would wanna burn you. You gotta fight. Be stronger than you’ve ever been. The most important thing to remember is that even if you’re standing ALONE, YOU ARE NEVER LONELY. YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH IN WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU COULD BE.
Live your life endlessly. There will be times when everything will seem impossible. It will be all dark with thunder and lightning all around. It may damage you but if you survive that remember thunder never strikes again twice at the same place which means you’ve beaten it. Give everything you have, serve your purpose, spread happiness, compassion. Support them who need you with all that you have and all that you could ever be.
One day will come when they’ll remember you for it and they’ll come out of their foolish world of endless desires. Someday they would not scratch ever again to gain their benefits and you will be the reason for it. No one says it’s gonna be an easy way till there but remember NIGHT IS DARKEST JUST BEFORE THE DAWN. All the strength you want universe will give it to you and it sure will test it at every point. Live it, bleed it but give it everything you have. Save them. They need you. You might stand ALONE BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE NEVER LONELY. They will be with you. Universe is always with you. Have faith and live selflessly. Never give up.

– Ayush Mishra (Kai)



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